How bots can help your content reach HCPs where they are

By now, we’ve all heard the statistics about the number of health apps on the App Store and Google Play (thousands and more every day). Because of this, the apps that pharma has been creating are rarely even discovered, let alone downloaded. Most people probably also know that the product websites that they build for every new launch will likely join the host of others that didn’t gain much traction.

This is because it is impractical, if not impossible, for HCPs to fill their mobile devices with product-specific apps or invest much time looking through multiple websites.

To get anywhere with these channels, additional budget needs to be allocated to create awareness of them. And many marketers are now wondering if it isn’t a bit crazy spending money on communication of communication channels.

Go where your customers are

The problem is that the apps and websites, that pharma has been creating, exist ‘out there’ on the internet. They aren’t connected to HCPs’ daily lives or fit how they consume media.

The truth is that HCPs – like everyone else – check their emails each day, have a few ‘go to’ websites, and otherwise are mostly engaged with social media in different forms. If you want to reach clinicians, these are the places where you need to be. So how to do it?

Service bots solve the problem

In our latest e-book, we explain how self-detailing and service bots (regulatory compliant ‘chatbots’) solve the channel proliferation problem.

For example, you’ll learn that a bot isn’t a channel like an app but rather a very smart piece of content. Therefore, once created, your service bot can inhabit the channels that people already use.

It can be added as a contact to any chat or messenger service, become a ‘skill’ in a virtual assistant like Amazon’s Alexa, or get embedded into channels like a website or app.

To learn how this technology can activate your very best product content – providing 24/7 personalised content to HCPs while being completely Medical / Legal compliant – make sure that you get a copy of the e-book.

Mind the Gap

Learn how to extend and deepen your HCP relationships
through self-detailing and chatbot technology

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