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Sign-up for the first HealthBOT Europe 2018 Event, taking place on May 15th in Copenhagen.

The session will cover key topics that will ultimately empower attendees to make bold steps into the work of messaging and AI.

Whether it be ideating initial pilot projects, enhancing existing programs or even sharing best practices – this looks to be the launchpad for innovators looking to disrupt healthcare.

Agenda – May 15th 2018

8:30-8:45: Coffee and Welcome – Katrine Bach
Arrival at Anthill, Dampfaergevej 10, 5th floor, Copenhagen

8:45-9:15: Intro to Messaging and Chatbots – Tor Kristensen
How the 3rd horizon of digital will engage customers on their own terms > driving user interaction and business outcomes.

9:15-9:45 Cases – Dr. John Reeves & Tor Kristensen
Learn about the role bots can play in the complex world of healthcare and dive into the health bot arena and how we can improve customer experiences beyond the product.

9:45-10:15: Building a Health Bot Canvas – Lexi Kaplin
Understand the building blocks for conversational initiatives and build your own canvas to ensure success.

10:15-10:45: Coffee and Discussions

HealthBOT Europe 2018
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