HQ Digital Marketing Handbook

Get the strategy that works 

The HQ digital marketing handbook tells you how to balance central control with local freedom –giving detailed practical advice on how to achieve it.

  • How to collect and share the right kind of data
  • How to provide content that affiliates love
  • How to ensure that you get local support
  • How to get a smooth localisations process

Get your questions answered

The issues that international marketers face often have simple solutions or can be avoided completely by setting up projects in the right way.

Get the answers to common challenges:

  • Affiliates argue that the core materials aren’t relevant to their market.
  • Affiliates mistrust data collection.
  • Local markets continually change their mind during localisation.
  • New hires don’t understand the tools and use their old methods.
  • Local usage of digital materials falls off after a couple of months.
  • Markets really are different so it’s impossible to find something that works for everyone.

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