Multichannel 2.0

Become your customer's channel of choice
A free webinar recording.

[:en]Phil Matton

Vice President &
Head of International Projects


[:en] Gerard Akkerhuis

Senior Vice President
Affiliate and Brand Management

Daiichi Sankyo Europe

[:en]Panos Papakonstantinou

Digital Commercial Head,
Region Europe


[:en] Sebastian Koelsch

Strategist for Digital
Life Sciences



Multichannel just isn’t enough anymore.

Too many of us are combining online and offline tools, yet still have not transformed our communications from push to pull.
In other words, we have not yet discovered the fundamental change in relationship that occurs when all the power is placed in our customer’s hands.
In this webinar, we have brought together leading experts who will explain not only how our industry’s multichannel and multi-stakeholder world is changing, but, with proper application, what it can become.

Key learnings

  • See what a real customer partnership looks like
  • Understand how digital innovations can bring greater personalisation and freedom to your customer
  • Move from customer service to customer experience
  • Create a single customer view through better sales and marketing integration
  • Use real-time customer insights to adapt marketing campaigns based on customer behaviours