Digital content

At Anthill, we apply our storytelling methodology to engage patients and healthcare professionals in your product or service. With the latest connected multichannel solutions and a deep experience in online campaigns, detailing and mobile apps, you can deploy the full range of digital communications.

Customer-relevant engagement

Apply the true power of digital technology to personalize the customer experience, meet individual needs and raise the value of your communication. This ensures that your engagement is not only effective but builds long-term relationships.

All audiences

Reach all healthcare stakeholders: 

  • prescriber communication with physicians, pharmacists, nurses or specialists;
  • patient support throughout the whole treatment pathway;
  • expert engagement by empowering your medical liaisons;
  • payer reimbursement discussions.

We also have a record of successful projects in animal health and biotechnology.

All channels

Deploy through multiple channels and increase the relevance of your communications. With Anthill, you not only personalize the content but provide it in a way that’s right for each individual.


Sales presentations

Get a complete service including strategy, creative and localization.


Online information on-demand that’s personalized for every individual.

Mobile apps

Provide personalized digital tools for healthcare professionals and patients.


Rich content iPad communications for reps & healthcare professionals


Elevate your conference programme with interactive communications.

Remote meetings

Connect with customers anywhere through dedicated remote web meetings.

Connected communications

Complement face-to-face detailing with microsites and mobile apps. Enable reps and medical science liaisons to follow-up remotely or provide personalized, self-guided tools that allow healthcare professionals to work at their own pace. There are endless possibilities for high-value communications.


New e-book: multichannel e-detailing

The simple way to extend customer experience

Proven creative excellence

All Anthill solutions are easy to work with, are highly engaging, and provide rich streams of data to inform your future communications.

Creative elements

Enliven your communications with creative elements. Our work balances interactivity, animations and visual depictions that highlight your product claims, underscoring key information to influence attitudes and behaviours.


Create interactivity with a purpose using our game design experience.


High definition video for compelling content in all modern media channels.


Compelling data, whether quantifying a problem or comparing cost / benefit.

Dynamic agenda

Rep tool for personalizing e-detailing presentations to meet HCP needs.

Patient profiling

Generating patient cases to match a healthcare professional’s patients

MoA animations

Engaging moving images that work across all your platforms and media.

Engagement hooks

Relevant and meaningful interactions that lead to on-going engagement.

Study data management

Accessible data for the academic and medical professional communities.

Dynamic surveys

Quizzes and surveys that invite participation and interaction.

'Shopping cart'

Build in any desired follow-up actions e.g. materials automatically emailed or immediate ordering of samples.

See what makes Anthill’s work special

See Anthill’s work for yourself. Contact our Director of Customer Engagement, Alejandra Betancourt, to learn how we can help you achieve your marketing goals.