Communications that fit audience needs

Your digital engagement is most effective when you match your audience's preferences and expectations – communicating in the channels your customers want and delivering valuable information on topics that matter most to them.

The right start

Discovering how to be relevant to your customers is the first step to successful digital communications. To get you there, Anthill provides a range of services that inform your decisions and empower your organisation to act.


Data & analytics

From digital landscape analysis to defining your data strategy, Anthill helps you turn data into actions. 


Audience understanding

Using social media listening and behavioural science to produce clearly-defined customer personas that drive your communications.


Campaign strategy

Planning your digital campaigns to resonate with audiences and achieve specific short and long-term business goals.


Strategy consulting

Defining a lasting digital strategy for your product or the overall disease area.

A strategy that’s tailored to your needs

Our experts will contact you and discuss devising a strategy that's right for you, your team and your product.

Understanding digital communications

Anthill regularly shares insights and knowledge on how to make the most of your digital technology. Try these short articles for practical advice and strategies that you can start implementing today.

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5 crucial elements for creating a meaningful content strategy

Research from Salesforce shows that 75% of consumers expect a consistent experience wherever they engage with brands – be it through social media, mobile, or even in person. And 64% of consumers expect companies to interact with them without delay.  These expectations apply to all industries, including pharma. Our customers are also customers of companies…

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Digital CPR – a way to bring your marketing tactics to life

We spoke with Sari Carter, Strategic Marketing Lead at Anthill, to hear how she helps pharma clients think in a more people-centric and less product-centric way. Keep reading to learn what CPR means in life science marketing – and how it can breathe new life into your customer engagement. How do you see customer engagement…

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Learn how to use digital solutions to their fullest

We know that digital initiatives, such as eDetailing, allow us to capture data. According to a survey conducted by Altimeter, 96% of executives believe that improving their data analysis capabilities are fundamental to delivering a great customer experience. Yet, we often see that a lot of companies are missing the frameworks and processes to actually…

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