Maximize your technology benefits

Anthill works with all major operating systems like iOS, Android and Windows, and communications platforms including IMS, Veeva, Agnitio and Pitcher. We also develop our own tools, or develop tailored-made solutions, that enable you to get more value – effectively turbo-charging your systems.


Efficient digital production

In order to make the content creation process across multiple platforms and devices more efficient, Anthill developed Fusion. Anthill uses this tool for a number of production tasks – resulting in more efficient projects that meet your deadlines.


Technology approach

All Anthill projects are platform agnostic, created with industry standard HTML5. This open technology means that you can easily repurpose content across channels – saving time and money. It also means that you are never locked into any one system.

Technology partners

Anthill has extensive experience across CLM solutions and multichannel communication platforms.


pitcher-logo-RGBWe are a 'Level 4' certified agency, the maximum level of certification an agency can get with Veeva's multichannel suite.


pitcher-logo-RGBWe are the most experienced agency working on Agnitio solutions, with deep experience in Rainmaker and Sharedoc.


pitcher-logo-RGBWe are a certified Nexxus MI e-content provider with access to 'live' development and testing via Nexxus MI sandbox.


pitcher-logo-RGBWe are fully experienced with Pitcher's CLM and e-detailing tools including: Impact, Admin and Insight.


pitcher-logo-RGBWe have completed a number of multimedia presentation projects with Skura's sales enablement software and solutions.


pitcher-logo-RGBOur content is built to collect and synchronize data with Salesforce.


Digital communications tools

Our custom tools are inspired by our clients’ communication challenges or are created in response to a request for more functionality. Available to Anthill clients, they help you realize the full value of your digital investments by saving time and money, improving efficiency, and delivering more engaging communications.



Ensure easy translation of detailers and other HTML-based content by local markets with Localizer. Designed for ease of use and compatibility with existing systems, Localizer solves a major content management challenge.


Reference manager

This advanced database tool gives you a comprehensive, slide-by-slide overview of the references used in your detailers so you can easily view citations, add, edit or remove references, and upload reference PDFs.


Dynamic surveys

Invite participation and interaction with quizzes and knowledge assessments. Easily integrated with other applications, create questions, update, and report metrics in real-time or via a CRM or learning management system.

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