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Dynamically engage with HCPs beyond

face to face – 24/7


Usually, a healthcare professional (HCP) will see a rep every three or four months. In between these visits, they might come across some advertising or receive an approved email. But there will likely be little deep engagement until the next time that they are visited by someone from your customer team.

This is a big opportunity being missed – and not just in terms of the months lost between visits. Given how much is invested in developing digital tools for reps, there is a need to increase the ROI on this content – extending its use – while also improving the experience for HCPs.

The good news is, that you with two easy-to-implement and quick-to-deploy technologies can take your eDetailing content and make it available to HCPs 24/7 – without losing the ‘guided’ experience that makes it so valuable.

Solving pharma challenges


In this eBook, you can learn how self-detailing and service bot technology (regulatory compliant ‘chatbots’) works and how you can apply them quickly and easily to your existing communications.

The eBook will give you 6 ways to get the most from these technologies and explain how you can solve real marketing issues in pharma by:

  • Being more responsive to HCPs in real-time while being fully regulatory compliant
  • Providing services 24/7 in a way that fits pharma budgets
  • Increasing reach without requiring more channels (that then must be promoted)
  • Fit with how HCPs actually engage with information and media
  • Stopping channel proliferation (no more standalone apps and websites)
  • Enabling A/B testing of HCP engagement

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