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Empower your marketing team to successfully embrace digital transformation. 

The Anthill Academy™ is the only eLearning programme in digital marketing that has
been specifically designed for the pharma and life-science industry. 

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Empower your marketing team to successfully embrace digital transformation. 

The Anthill Academy™ is the only eLearning programme in digital marketing that has
been specifically designed for the pharma and life-science industry. 

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Anthill is launching an innovative eLearning programme through which you can explore a series of connected modules that take you through the fundamental principles of digital marketing – working at your own speed. Each module has been designed to be highly engaging with dynamic, interactive content, and assessment to illustrate progress. Real cases and practical examples provide the opportunity for you to learn quickly and apply what you have learned to your own marketing strategy.

Anthill Academy™ is the only eLearning programme to teach digital
marketing to the pharma and life-sciences industries, enabling you to:

Build digital excellence: Generate the internal skills needed to provide exceptional customer experiences to customers, HCPs and patients.

Implement immediately: Provide on-demand learning that can be
quickly embedded throughout your global organization.

Save money: Get flexible training that is cheaper than developing
in-house sessions.

Get practical knowledge: Access Anthill’s decades of practical experience with global digital projects for the pharma and life-sciences industries.

Collaborate better: Learn about common tools and approaches that enable colleagues around the world to ‘speak the same language’ and
collaborate effectively.

Activate existing projects: Put everyone on the same knowledge
level so they understand, endorse and act on your digital marketing initiatives this year and in the future.


The modules in this level will give you and your colleagues a robust and aligned understanding of digital marketing and the key principles that drive its success.


These learning modules give you and your organisation an in-depth knowledge of the methodologies and tools that enable you to achieve your business goals through digital marketing.


These modules are designed to take you and your organisation to the cutting-edge of digital marketing. The topics covered will illustrate today’s best-practices and enable you to achieve your Digital Transformation ambitions.


With the Essential to Expert modules on offer, we know that you and your organisation will be confident in your ability to achieve your most ambitious digital marketing goals. Anthill does however offer bespoke modules and workshops that are customised to you and your individual needs. 

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The programme is designed to build the digital marketing competences of pharma brand teams and your marketing colleagues around the world. The course begins with five modules that teach the fundamental principles of digital marketing and establish a shared pool of knowledge in your organisation. Beyond these five modules, you can progress further – building your digital competences by signing up for the Advanced and Expert levels.


Each module contains interactive content, downloads, exercises and assessments. Designed to fit busy schedules, the content is provided in
‘bite-sized’ elements that allow for continual and rapid progress.


Getting started with digital marketing

What is digital marketing and how does it relate to your work? Today’s world demands the use of sophisticated, strategic digital solutions in order to achieve business outcomes.


customer behaviour

We need to ensure that
our initiatives are built
in-line with the needs of our customers. Their behaviour will determine the success of our business, so it’s their needs that need to be at the centre of what we do.


Creating superior customer experiences

If we want to influence the behaviour of our customers, we need to give them enriched, meaningful experiences with every interaction, building on our relationship with them at every stage.


Building digital solutions

Achieving these superior customer experiences will require digital solutions that support you at every step along the way. Built towards the needs of the customers, these solutions represent the execution of your strategic initiatives.


Measuring success

Of course, the work that
we do will need refining
and updating in line with
real-world feedback. This is only becoming more apparent with the increasing rate of change that characterises our world.

Ready to learn more?

To learn more about the Anthill Academy™, please contact Anthill’s Account Director, Casper Rosenbech Simonsen, to hear how we can meet your specific needs.

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